Its time to get it off your Chest? Treasure Chest that is!

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Oscar Wilde

As we all treasure the value of success, and would like to savour the just rewards where the journey is as valuable as finding the treasures.

We all like victories and to be victorious. Yet we can maintain our individuality.

” Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken”. Oscar Wilde, 1854-1900

Even if we look alike, we are all a little bit different. We have different goals, expectations, values, personalities. And that is what makes us unique and our world so rich and interesting to explore.

It’s hard to know what any one person exactly likes. Hence knowing what they would like to find in their own treasure chest is a skill worth delving into to find their best reward.

A Personal and Team reward can be alluring

  • Money
  • Gold
  • Testimonials
  • Ancient object
  • Finding a lost loved item
  • Immense knowledge
  • Jewelry
  • Rare Gem stones
  • Diamonds
  • and for some it may be a fine wine, whiskey or ….

They are many ways for rewarding a successful person, for most it is in the perception of others and what they value in us.

Another question then arises.

Where do we find success?

Success can be found in the result (ie a treasure), but also in the achievement and the search (the hunt). In our view the real treasure is the experience, rather than the final gain? Even if we agree that we are not against a bit of gold as a bonus :)

Check out this awesome fun treasure hunting video. Then share with if you would have this reaction from finding a secret treasure and unlocking the secured chest?

ENQUIRE now to do an Exciting Treasure Hunt and find what’s on your Chest.

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