Your next Canberra Treasure Hunt is designed to be excellent clever fun, professionally hosted with terrific problem solving along clue trails with group challenges and rewarding staff team building activities !

YES – There is treasure to be discovered in the ACT and Canberra! We are in person hosts that facilitate the treasure and scavenger hunt activities. With a series of clues to resolve with teamwork to recover a real locked treasure chest.

Explore Canberra, a fine planned city comfortably wedged between Victoria and NSW. With it’s own unique secrets, and hidden treasure chests to explore and discover more.

Whilst Canberra may not be the heart of the Nation. It is the designated hub of the Australian parliament, with more than public servants and politicians.


With political correctness it’s time for your group to meet, connect and enjoy a fun Canberra Treasure Hunt event, Canberra Scavenger Hunt or Canberra team building activities. Every location on your Canberra Treasure Hunt Team journey has an activity to accomplish that defines a secret word. Which when unscrambled provides your X coordinates to real bounty.

That has all the mystery, history from Hume and Hovell’s exploration to amazing Canberra fun facts.

In the one entertaining, engaging, group activity package for 15-100’s of participants.

Lets escape parliment and begin exploring our beautiful Canberra spaces.

  • Canberra Botanic Gardens Treasure Hunts
  • Arboretum exploration
  • ACT Museums n Mayhem Treasure Trails
  • Canberra Museum and Gallery
  • The National Gallery NGA team activities
  • Canberra Glassworks to keep warm this winter
  • Questacon – Where’s Konrad gets to test your best physics and practical science minds
  • Canberra Railway Museum
  • Royal Australian Mint for more Money $ in your Treasure Chest
  • National Film and Sound Archive Australia
  • Old Parliment House Treasure Hunts
  • National Museum of Australia
  • National Portrait Gallery, Old Parliment House
  • Australian war Memorial
  • National Dinosaur Museum
  • The CSIRO discover Centre
  • Lake Burley Griffin side Carillion Treasure Hunting Activities
Hunter Valley Treasure Hunt group succeeds in finding the treasures at Cypress Lakes Resort as part of their team building conference

What’s unique about Canberra Treasure Hunt activity experiences?


Is that we are there hosting your team event, personally and professionally.

Encouraging, facilitating the fun aspect of connecting with your staff, work colleagues and friends.

You will get to experience mysteries and intrigues situated around Canberra, the CBD Civic Centre and other spaces.

There is indeed a real treasure Canberra chest find, finishing with a clever twist and bounty reward for all!

What to do in Canberra For Staff Hosted Canberra Scavenger and Treasure Hunts with 11 Great Team Building Activities for all Conference Room Escapes, Corporate Events and Government Departments

corporate team building treasure hunt winners Canberra and Sydney success

Theming and Props – ACT Canberra Treasure Hunts will supply: 

  • Your team Captains caps or hats
  • Colourful team identity bandanas
  • Cutlass for sorting out who’s leadership matters most
  • Clip boards to scribe upon
  • Specialised Canberra Map to locate X marks the treasure chest spot
  • 11-14 Clever Clues and locations suitable for all adult groups
    – we can adapt the content and locations to all businesses and intellect levels
  • Professional Host/s to motivate encourage and keep the good ship
    – your event, sailing smoothly to time and tide.
  • Real locked Treasure Chest filled with Bounty
  • Holy Grail engraved Canberra Legends Trophy cup for eternal use

Elect for a Fun factor Hunt or get serious with team building and team bonding sensational leadership pirating outcomes to generate collaboration, competition or a double dissolution will result.


5 package levels for groups of 15-100’s of staff and employees on great Canberra Discoveries.

We are accredited Government Department team building activity facilitators with excellent quality training systems, safety and content that unites or bonds people.

Custom Built Canberra ACT Events and Group activities that are sure to impress your staff.