Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sydney Amazing Race Team Building Activities To Become Champions

Explore and experience Treasure Hunts exciting range of unique new Amazing Races, featuring the best places and activities to enjoy Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Coffs Harbour, Sydney, Bondi, Coogee or Manly Beaches, whilst accomplishing awesome team building activities.

Gather at a designated starting line. Which can be at your offices, meeting rooms, conference center, at pubs, or in a local park – we come to you.

After a brief, briefing. We get you On your marks, to get ready, get set and go!

Gear up for the ultimate competitive amazing team race anywhere in and around Australia or just local to all cities and towns.

We custom build your businesses amazing races for your employees, managers, EA’s, CEO’s or people to enjoy a serious challenge. That will take your staff places and accomplish corporate challenges that succeed in building great relationships between employees.
Treasure Hunts Amazing Race Team BUilding

Get your colleagues, corporate groups, mates, sales or business management team on board.

This is definitely a competitive and rewarding fast paced event.

Faster than a Treasure Hunt and more competitive than any normally defined team building activity.

Amazing Race Team Building Activities For Adult Staff Groups Looking for Fun Teamwork Finishing with Celebrations

Seriously, we facilitate team building activities in all locations. From Sydney Hotels, Offices and conference rooms. To The Blue Mountains, Hunter Valley Wineries and Southern Highlands.

We facilitate Amazing Races with staff at each checkpoint. Registering, Celebrating and Instructing activities for corporate challenges.

Your teams compete to the best of their ability, within their capability.

A series of quality teamwork oriented tasks, skills or just for fun activities. Once the team challenges are completed, your crew receives an envelope revealing their next mystery destination.

At the final secret location, Pitstop. 1st across the line to the secret pitstop or the team with the highest overall points will win the Amazing Grand Champions Trophy.

Get cracking on the case. To organise your next business team building fun or conference event with a difference.

OK Google find me the Most Amazing Fun Team Building Activities Ideas

We love creating team building activities and large corporate group events.

To help you, we teamed up with OK Google find me the best team building amazing races, scavenger hunts and fun treasure hunting that we can muster.

It is a debate as to who and why a company provides the best team building service. But it is one where Treasure Hunts can assure you that we work cooperatively with major suppliers, facilities and the top 500 companies to provide consistent top quality results. Over 1,500+ events conducted, with over 100,000 staff and employees experiencing that success.

These events generating engagement for your business team and the memories live long past the day of the event.

The style of delivery is designed to be meaningful, thoughtful and intellectually provoking whilst balancing the fun.

Well beyond a child’s game of cat and mouse or selfies and a paparazzi dash to photograph everything and beg for points.

Your staff and employees interaction is facilitated. Communication and problem solving is focused upon. Activities are designed to be fun, educational and rewarding for all abilities to participate and be rewarded with treasures. Fun team bonding packages that allows teams to explore, venture and discover together.

Revealing facts, stories and creating unique interactions for your people with results you never imagined.

Get your crew on Board Now!