Welcome aboard to Barangaroo Treasure and Kings Wharf Scavenger Hunts, our most popular Sydney waterside team activities for staff and groups to experience interaction and connection.

Filled with new, exciting fun secret discovery and clever team building activities by Sydney Harbour foreshores.

Lets Hop to it, in Barangaroo… Providing exciting opportunities for people to search and discover real Barangaroo treasure Hunt bounty. Let’s get staff connected celebrating a work party celebration. Escape the office, conference activities and boardroom.


A great Barangaroo treasure Hunt is filled with team building activities 9-13 secret clues to discover more. The fun activities are designed to engage, unite and connect staff collaboratively.

Getting everyone to know staff and each other better in the great Sydney Harbour, outdoors in the fresh air.

Secreted on Barangaroo’s spectacular vantage of the Sydney Harbour foreshore is a real treasure chest.

Only a Ferry stop from Darling Harbour, King Street wharf or Circular Quay.Barangaroo and Darling Harbour Group team building in Sydney on a clever fun treasure hunt opening chest with corporate and social groups

Here you’ll discover that to open the Treasure Chest in the beating heart of Barangaroo teamwork will prevail.

Your quest mission is to follow a series of Treasure Hunt Trail secret clues to locate, find, retrieve and open that wonderful locked Treasure Chest in time!

Teams can go in any direction and explore Barangaroo’s beautiful foreshore walkways with views that stretch into Sydney Harbour depths.

We reconvene all Treasure Hunting pirates at The Barangaroo Cafe’s or Restaurants and Pubs for the grand finale opening and prize giving. A personally engraved holy grail bounty Trophy that is often filled with rejuvenating spirits to celebrate your teams success.

Experience Sydney Harbour Corporate Playground in Barangaroo For Fun Staff Scavenger Activities or Custom Built Team Building Treasure Hunts

Once known as the the ‘Hungry Mile” where people searched for jobs during the Great Depression, this area is the perfect back drop for feeding ones desire for treasures.

Barangaroo Reserve neighbours directly onto Walsh Bay, Millers Point and is a mere hop, skip n Jump to The Rocks or Darling Harbour where we can finish your event at a historic Rocks Pub!

Escape to Sydney Harbour foreshore away from the hustle and bustle area in Sydney’s CBD with access to various restaurants and casino’s.Barangaroo active treasure Hunt by Sydney Harbour with spectacular Harbour Bridge views.

Barangaroo Treasure Hunts activity has the group work as a teamwork is natural. Accomplishing challenges and group activities. Tailored to your groups abilities, interests and skills.

Barangaroo Group activities and Team Treasure Hunt Events can be modified to be as competitive or collaborative as requested.

Ideal for those groups looking to take on and succeed in corporate challenges.

Flexible starting points from your office in the CBD to the beautiful new park area with picture perfect views of Sydney Harbour.

To finish your treasure Hunt we suggest a few drinks to celebrate or for a corporate dinner sample the new restaurants with various flavours and cuisines on offer. Espeicially the inspiring hip Palisade Hotel / Pub atop of the Cutaway near The Lord Nelson Brewery Pub – The Rocks.Barangaroo Maps to Treasure Hunt and Scavenger Hunting Map of the Sydney headland reserve

  • Muum Maam (Thai), Zushi (Japanese) or
  • Love.Fish.
    Barangaroo Restaurants and Drinks stops can be incorporated into the Scavenger and Treasure Hunt checkpoints and clues along the way. Your group experiences Barangaroo  enjoying diverse clues and activities. Finishing with a panoramic view of Sydney Harbour from a Barangaroo Cafe or The Palisade Pub – our favourite choice.

Enjoy an experience you’ll never forget? Treasure Hunts is about empowering individuals in order to collaborate and contribute to their teams greater good. Balancing interactive challenges with fun and engaging clues. Testing the brain while enabling people to develop skills within themselves.

Trip Advisor suggests that a Treasure Hunt in Barangaroo is the best fun way to experience Sydney Harbour – we whole heartedly agree For Sure! treasures-hunts-christmas-team-activities

Looking for your team to do something different, clever and new for groups in Barangaroo Sydney?

Treasure Hunts Sydney provides equal parts interactive clue-based and a real life adventure game.

With action mystery novel style deductions, sleuthing clues and a Menza intellectual obstacle course filled with intriguing discoveries. 

Experience Sydney’s Harbour City in the style of reality TV show Amazing Races or here on a more relaxed a team treasure hunt. Suited to all abilities for staff and corporate groups of 10-100’s.

team building staff treasure hunt activities in Sydney, Barangaroo, Darling Harbour and Wynyard

Barangaroo is home to a range of See and Do activities where discovering exceptional staff team bonding is a highlight of international and corporate visitors exploring more of Sydney.


Barangaroo Clues for Treasure and Scavenger Hunt Sydney samples;

A vibrant fever of hand-stitched eagle rays can be found encircling the canopy of Exchange Square, adjacent to Tower Three.

160 individuals contributed to the making of miniature handstitched rays, which were incorporated into the larger rays, showcasing the power of community-driven art.  Eagle Ray scavenger hunt staff team building and team bonding clues in Barangaroo to discover more

Instant, immediate and last minute group activities bookings for scavenger and treasure hunts in Sydney, The Rocks Darling Harbour, Barangaroo and The Gold Coast Treasure Hunts from Surfers to Broadbeach.

Now available for all groups from 10-100’s of employees, staff and participants.

Need a special team event for staff – just ask us to design your business treasure hunt. Custom treasure trails designed and developed for a fee or free offers*. Discuss all the Barangaroo Team Building options m 0459 1111 29