Murder Mystery Theme Game Events by Treasure Hunts experts in revealing mysteries to solve, presents a series of mad cap capers and adventures at the dinner dining table or out on the haunted streets with professional Hosts.Murder Mystery Sydney Events and Parties for Dinner and Daring

Select Indoor Evening Murder Mysteries played out over dinner or drinks with a professional host.


Outdoor Murder Mysteries to solve a series of clues on the street, alleyways and dock-sides led by Captains of The Push.

For groups of 10-1,000 friends, collegues, employees, staff or random dinner dating strangers.

Indoor Daring Murder Dinner and Drinks with Hosts Presenting Murderous Themes for 10-1,000

  • The Great, The Weird and The Gruesome; a spin off The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. Each character has a link to the murdered victim. However we delve deep into the psyche of The Guilty!
  • Murder on The Gahn Railway; Chugging along across Australia is the magical Ghan Outback Railway Journey. Just like an Orient Express and Last Train To Paris. Someone dies. Who Dunnit and How. You are all guilty, but only one committed this violent act of Murder? The problem is the body has not been found…
  • Power, Greed and Vengence; Love, Revenge, Stalking, Money $$$$$
  • Romans unite under Ceasars plight; Take a step back in history and get dressed up or down into togas
  • Star Trekking – Yes sci fi fans we have the ultimate Star Wars and Star Trekking kings of murder of our beloved Yoda!!!!
  • Wall Street Bankers
  • Jessies Got a Gun
  • Class of 69!
  • Wild Wild West


  • Real actors acting out the murder scene for you to witness the drama unfold
  • Props and Costumes
  • Parties
  • Venues for Murder Mysteries from Pubs, Restaurants, Cafes
  • Conferences
  • Team Building Activities
  • CSI – analysis equipment

Hosted Evening Murder Dinners and Events Costs

Start from $1,100- + gst per event.

Request a quote or proposal for your group.

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  • Murder Theme
  • Location
  • Date
  • Start Time
  • Finish Time
  • Catering requirements
  • Number of Guests
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