Lion Co experienced an exciting Christmas Sydney Team Building activity Treasure Hunt around the Rocks. Discovering fun challenges and the best talents that IT staff staff team building board room escape in Sydney Conferences by Sydney Harbour Bridge

LION Co IT Director Explains Their staff 5 Star Reference Experience of the Sydney Rocks Treasure Hunt

Lion Co were welcomed meeting with a Thrilling Treasure Hunt Captain aboard Observatory Hill. Taking in stunning views of the Sydney Harbor before setting sail and cruising into their team building activity mission.

Discovering the Rocks Treasure chest and their Holy Grail locked therein – like Davey Jones’es locker!!! Traveling in team crews. Led by their very cuplable Lion Co Pirate Captains, then First mate and human GPS team Navigators.

Within a short while the teams were hunting down clues and were well on their journey to The Rocks celebratory destiny.

All of a sudden, our Lion Co staff and Good hearted Pirate Teams were caught. Red Handed and Convict Cuffed in a Chain Gang Line Up. It wasn’t long before the Pirate Teams managed to find a clever pirate trick to escape the bonds.

Continuing Hunting through the Rocks for the Treasure Hunt Chest containing a LION Co Holy Grail.

As the Treasure hunt neared its fateful end our Pirates sailed closing in on the secret location. Some last minute pirate pluck came in handy for a few teams.

Making ground up on those ahead. Each corporate Team had fought their way to the ‘X’ Marks the Spot. An Australian Rocks pub with the jolly LION Co grog. Digging through their clues to uncover the Secret Word which would allow them access to the Chest.

Custom Built Treasure Hunt Team and Staff Connection Experiences matching the LION Co Brand Promise

Lion Co staff Team Building activities for connection in Sydney The Rocks discovering the best team bonding escapes
Lion Co teams worked strenously together and a refreshing celebratory beverage and drinks was needed to quench their Pirate thirst. Experiencing their beverage products first hand whilst supporting the local Businesses who stock their brand as Patrons. These Elements were custom built into the Lion Co Rocks Treasure Hunt Experience.The rocks treasure hunt activities treasure hunt squires to the Australian and orient Hotels chest is found in Sydney harbour by team building activities experts in connecting staff

Unscrambling the secret word was accomplished  for the Teams that had diligently sought out all the clue locations. Applying unique skills their team members secretly possessed. Our Real Treasure Hunt Chest was recovered with only a small lock was between our Pirate Treasure Hunters and FREEDOM of their Holy Grail.

As each team tried to open the lock, it was clear that only the most united and resourceful team could crack open this Chest. On their last effort the Pirates let go of their individual identities and collaborated as one Lion Co Team in their efforts to get their hands on their Holy Grail.

Success prevailed! The Lion Co Holy Grail was recovered. Another chapter on the exciting team building Journey on Team Discovery around the Rocks Sydney is now written in Lion folk-lore!

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