Experience exciting fun Bondi Beach Treasure Hunt or Team Bondi Scavenger Hunts. Test your skills, problem solving, connect staff and celebrate on the white sands of Australia’s most recognisable and famous surf Beach – Bondi!

Ahoy Bondi treasure hunters! it’s time to venture and discover more of our iconic Australian Bondi beach outdoor team activities. Engage your staff and team of employees with superb Fun Bondi Beach Treasure Hunt filled with fun team building activities, games or corporate challenges. All professionally facilitated by Treasure Hunts Australia staff.

Kick off onto the Bondi Beach sands direct from your accommodation, conference or international meetings. We design Treasure Hunt staff events and activities direct from the North Bondi Surf Club, SLSC, Icebergs, Quest Hotel or the Bondi QT Hotel conference venue facilities.1-3hr Treasure Hunts.
Bondi beach treasure hunts to discover the best Sydney Beaches with a real treasure chest discovery for Bondi staff team building, meeting, conference and corporate group events.

Searching and discover for real treasures along the famous Campbell Parade. Exploring the renovated Bondi Pavilion. Dive into the Bondi Icebergs for a clue or 2.

Sample a deep fried Mars Bar, enjoying a delicious n steaming hot Aussie phenomenon by Bondi Beach fore shore.

Social Groups or Bondi Corporate Team Building Treasure Hunting, Starts direct at your accommodation or conference venue.

Bondi Beach Treasure Hunts Treasure Chest found by team building activities fun group event on the beach and Bondi to Campbell Street and Surf Life Saving clubs or the beach sand.Select your Bondi Treasure Hunt starting point location.

  • Icebergs
  • The Bondi Surf Life Saving Club
  • North Bondi Surf Life Saving Club
  • Speedo’s Cafe
  • Hotel Bondi
  • Hurricanes
  • Bondi Pavillion
  • QT Bondi
  • Bondi Hotel and Pub
  • Elect any one of the famous restaurants, cafes and parklands across the Sydney cliff tops
  • We also have treasure and scavenger hunts around Watsons Bay, Diamond Bay to Bondi and down to Cool Coogee Beach.
  • Bronte Treasures and Maroubra Magnificent Jewels on the beaches.

Even if you forget your speedos (budgie smugglers) the Bondi beach side is a wonderful team escape year round. See life of a beautiful beach-escape through the eyes of locals. Discovering intriguing Bondi stories that are beyond believable, yet often true.

Bondi Beach Treasure Hunt best Fun Staff Connection or team Bonding Activities with a selection of Beach Games for Groups Included Free

Bondi-Beach-Team-Building-Escape activities fo team building fun on Sydney Beaches

  • Bondi Amazing Race Fun Activities. A series of team competitions and challenges for Champions or Contenders.
  • Did you know we are also specialists in conducting amazing activities. From Corporate Art, Art Parties and Creative Art Therapy or Australian Survivor Beach Games
  • Professionally facilitating all size corporate groups staying or conferencing in Sydney or locally at The Quest and QT Bondi Hotels.
  • Start the day with a +ve group Human Motivation Energiser or Yoga combined with Thai Chi team “Punch in your Awareness” activity (thanks FISK – Kitty Flannigan)!
  • Flip Flop – Thong Throwing Competitions – that includes Australian Iconic Humour
  • Sand Sculpting Thrills and Sand Castle Making on the beach next to the Bondi surf clubs.
  • Beach Volleyball competitions and Beach Ball Games
  • Kite Making brightening your day with Kite Flying on the cliff tops for a festival of The Winds
  • Swim at Bondi Icebergs or in the Surf on the beach between the Surf Life Saving Flags.
  • Boogy and Body or Surf Board Break
  • Learn To Surf Lessons
  • The best SUP stand up paddle boarding experiences
  • Bondi Mini Olympics 2024 Paris
  • Mini Iron man / Iron Person Events and Mini Olympics Games year round on the sand at Tamarama.
  • Bondi Staff incentive events are a specialty combining fresh sea foods and a motivational speaker for that conference boost
  • Bondi Board Breaking events
  • Bondi Corporate Carnivals for Family, Friends and groups to enjoy life outdoors

Enjoy a FREE Bondi Scavenger Hunt Checklist teaser to explore with your staff along a Bondi Beach Stretch!

  • Scavenger Hunt Free Checklist for a free Bondi Fun Activity starter;
  • Collect the Following within 2hrs and meet at The Bondi Pavilion for a sweet Ice Cream eating Challenge.
    – Bringing the Sweetest bag of treats
  • Chocolates from the amazing San Churro ChocolatierTeam Building activities success in opening treasures on Bondi Beach Scavenger hunt activities to celebrate fun and play as a corporate group reward
    – Capture a passionate Photo with a Life Saver
    – Avoid Sea Shell Collecting; we need more native creatures to thrive in the oceans
    – Video of your staff swooping with the Sea Gulls
    – Testing your employees Life Saving Skills
    – Performing a Bondi Rescue
    – Building Sand Castles;
    – now create a moat to allow water to flow around it.
  • Decorate the sand castle with mermaids and other delightful mythical sea creatures
  • Build a Kite – Now fly it in our Festival of The Bondi Cliff top sculpture by the Winds.
  • Create a 20 second video playing with your sand castle till someone comes along and destroys it!
  • Hand Frame The Bondi Hotel Clock Tower with all your staff Hands
  • Boot Camp and Body Build Flex of Muscles at the Outdoor Bondi be a warrior Obstacle Course
  • Ride a Skate Board or Scooter at the Skate Park and Teach a Skill to your team.
  • Ride Surf Board or include Learn to Surf whilst being accommodated at Bondi Hotels.
  • Get your Suit Wet or wear a wetsuit, budgie smuggler or …
  • Juggle, Dance, Sing or Surf
  • Carry a team member on top of a Surf Board ….
  • Be Philanthropic – Teams Building a Bike, Build a Skate Board or teamwork Build Toys 4 Kids Charities.
  • Many more on our Bondi Scavenger Hunting activities and games when you book with us
  • The Sydney Eastern Beaches Treasure Hunt Team of experts.

By now you may have guessed that we love Bondi Beach. Encouraging and guiding groups of people discovering it’s vivid secrets. Treasure Hunts is passionate about making a unique fresh and different experience for staff, employees, managers, leaders, family and friends to;

  • Staff Communicate
  • Competition in a friendly fashion
  • Teams Collaborate to succeed
  • Share
  • Get to Know One Another Better
  • Play Together
  • Problem Solve
  • Enjoy team building with the best a business can provide
  • We can even link a guided Bondi Walk, Lunch or healthy well-being early breakfast morning exercise yoga session with mind clarity, mindfulness, focus and meditation techniques to calm the day
  • Select Thai Chi
  • Cliff Top walk to Tamarama Beach and Bronte
  • Include inspiration whilst witnessing amazing Sculptures By The Sea.

The only day we don’t facilitate treasure hunts and team building activities around Bondi Beach is during The Sydney City to Surf.

Let’s Explore and Discover more together on the Best of Bondi.

Your invitation awaits to explore and do the best things in Bondi!