Bondi Beach Activities for Team Building Activities, Activations, Fun and Play

Bondi Beach Treasure Hunts, Amazing Races and Scavenger Hunts are the best way to escape work and experience fun team building activities, games and team development by the sea-side and on the beach sands.Bondi Beach Treasure Hunts Treasure Chest found by team building activities fun group event on the beach and sands

Search and discover real treasures along Campbell Parade, within the Bondi Pavillion at Bondi Icebregs and even get to sample a deep fried Mars Bar phenomenon!

Your Treasure Hunt can Start at The Bondi Surf Life Saving Club, Bondi Hotel, Hurricanes or in The Pavillion and any one of the famous restaurants, cafes and parklands across the cliff tops.

Even if you forget your speedos (budgie smugglers). See life of a beautiful beach-escape through the eyes of locals. Discover stories that are beyond believable, yet often true.

Whilst in the midst of your Bondi Beach Team Building Activities or Games you Get to Enjoy

  • Amazing Race Bondi Fun Activities Mix it Up for Champions or Contenders
  • Thong Throwing Competitions – great Australian Iconic Humour
  • Sand Sculpting and Sand Castle Making on the beach next to the surf
  • Beach Volleyball and Beach Ball Games
  • Kite Making and Kite Flying
  • Swimming at Bondi Icebergs or in the Surf at the beach
  • Boogy / Body or Surf Board Break
  • Mini Iron man and Iron Person Events
  • Bondi Staff and Corporate Carnivals

Something for FREE – Scavenger Hunts along Bondi Beach!

  • Scavenger Hunt Free Checklist for a free Bondi Fun Activity; Collect the Following within 2hrs and meet at The Bondi Pavillion for an Ice Cream eating Challenge.
    – Sweetest bag of treats or Chocolates from the amazing San Churro ChocolatierTeam Building activities success in opening treasures on Bondi Beach Scavenger hunt activities to celebrate fun and play as a corporate group reward
    – Photo with a Life Saver
    – Avoid Sea Shell Collecting
    – Video dodging the Sea Gulls
    – Testing Life Saving Skills
    – Perform a Bondi Rescue
    – Build a Sand Castle; now make water flow around it. Decorate the sand castle with mermaids and mythical sea creatures.
    – Create a 20 second video playing with your sand castle
    till someone comes along and destroys it!
    – Frame The Bondi Hotel Clock Tower with all your Hands
    – What did the seagull find in the sand on Bondi Public School
    – Boot Camp and Body Build Flex of Muscles at the Outdoor Obstacle Course
    – Ride a Skate Board or Scooter
    – Teach a Skill; Juggle, Dance, Sing
    – Carry a team member on top of a Surf Board ….
    – Many more on our Bondi Scavenger Hunting events.

By now you may have guessed that we love Bondi Beach and are passionate on making your experience for staff, employees, managers, leaders, family and friends the best we can provide.

We can link the Cliff Top walk to Tamarama Beach and Bronte that would include Sculptures By The Sea.

The only day we cant facilitate team building activities on Bondi Beach is during The Sydney City to Surf.

So what are you waiting for to Explore the Best of Bondi – The invitation is to join us right here!!!