Christmas Team Activity Celebration Treasure Hunt for Groups to Find Santa

Christmas team activities are great for work party celebrations in Sydney, The Rocks, Darling Harbour, Manly and Parramatta. Enjoy dashing reindeers and a secret Santa Toy Chest bounty stashed for your team or group to discover.

Explore and escape work on Cockatoo Island, at Coogee Beach. Bathe in sunshine at Bondi. Enjoy ice creams by Manly Beach. Head down the river foreshores in Parramatta. Or discover The Gold Coast. Over 16 Treasure Hunt destinations available.

We have your corporate group celebrations for business team rewards in Santa’s bag. Enjoy a balance of great activities that are gentle exercise as well as terrific fun to participate in. We are pretty darn good at walking that fine plank of creating team building and events to make your staff and all employees equally happy. After all, we believe there is a bit of Santa’s Christmas spirit in all of us.Find Santa in The Rocks treasure hunt Sydney Christmas work party activity and team building scavenger hunt capers

Find Santa Christmas theme Treasure and Scavenger Hunts for the best fun Christmas Work Party Team Activities

Santa Claus and his Toy Chest has become side tracked on his journey through the Rocks out in old Sydney Town.

Dear me, the jolly red character is now lost. Or lost his bearings after a fine brew in The Australian, Mercantile, Orient or Lord Nelson. He may be stuck out in park, holed up in a historic pub or worse. Locked up in a jail with his jolly good kids bag of gifts being stolen.Fin Santa this Christmas fun team building activity

Kids better not cry. We need your office staff, employees, managers and leaders to help save the day. Use your corporate team building and problem solving skills to get the presents back and out to all the most deserving staff. Or better still become CSR heros and donate the bounty to deserving kids charities like Barnardos.

HO Ho HOO, Who Stole Santas Treasures? treasure hunt christmas treasure chest with santa to be found by team building groups

Congratulations you just found the best Christmas Activity. A great race Scavenger Hunt Caper around the Rocks for Xmas events plunder. Incorporating the best ideas, clues and riddles in an adult treasure hunt game on the streets of Sydney. You will be inspired and rewarded for your teams efforts for a job well done throughout the year. We guarantee awesome treasure hunt experiences through the Rocks to historic pubs with a Beer or two along the way. It’s the bees knees of Sydney Christmas team building fun.

Enjoy Corporate Christmas Team Building Activities on a real Treasure Hunt to find who stole Santa

Discover his trail of good deeds by enlisting and becoming clever sleuthing elves. Recover Santa and his reindeer locked in a treasure chest. Escape with the whole team and have an awesome Christmas celebration reward. To discuss your Sydney team building activities or corporate event requirements call or complete the form on the right. Our friendly staff are ready to suggest great Christmas group event ideas today.