The Rocks Treasure Hunt Clues Discovery Trail Celebrate Christmas For Group Connection and Team Bonding in Sydney

Explore The Rocks in Sydney on our most popular Treasure Hunt or Rocks Scavenger Hunts, designed to connect groups and corporate team building activities escape and End of Year Christmas celebration activities, Covid safely outdoors.

Discover more fun in The Rocks with clever activity clues along a secret path that can include amazing pubs, docks, cafes and haunted gallows for clues. Enjoy excellent staff interaction, team bonding and a clever tale to solve. Suitable for everyone, of all abilities who will find the Rocks real treasures.

Escape the zoom boardroom, virtual rooms to re-fresh in the great Australian outdoors deciphering clues and accomplishing fun team activities with a clever twist!

More motivational than just a Scavenger Hunt romp or Escape Room Lock Up. Experience 1st hand the beauty of Sydney’s historic Rocks, Docksides and Sydney Cove – By jove! Sydney, The Rocks Treasure Hunt Teams find Sydney Harbour Bridge views to be the best to capture their staff team rewards

Ahoy me hearties. Follow the secret Rock’s clue trail to track down ye eternal holy grail. Locked within a real Treasure Chest. Secured in the Heart of historic side of Sydney Harbour!

Discover a great team atmosphere in genuine Rocks pubs with craft beers, wines and ciders. Wander down hidden alleyways, cobbled stoned paths and glimmering streets full of hidden gems that The Rocks is infamous for! Jump aboard a fun filled team activity experience, set at your own pace.

Stop in The Rocks quaint Pubs for a Covid Safe Physically distanced drink or 2 along the clue Treasure trail.

Treasure Hunting your Way through The Rocks visiting pubs or staying dry, we offer a selection of the following Beers around the traps!

  • James Squires Squire by the waterfront
  • Australian Heritage
  • The Glenmore with rooftop access and amazing views
  • Palisade with more Sydney rooftop views!
  • Lord Nelson where there is the best beer brews
  • The Orient – where mystery and intrigue collide
  • Hero Of Waterloo for it’s historic sandstone charm
  • Fortune Of War
  • Phillips Foote
  • The Pony
  • The Argyle
  • Mercantile one of Sydney’s greatest Irish Pubs
  • Harbour View
  • Echt Deutsch mit das Bavarian Beir – zwei bitte
  • Squires Landing (named after James Squires)
  • Rawson Bar and
  • MORE…. Whilst uncovering local Sydney Secret jewels, cleft from The Rocks, an Argyle Cut above the rest.

Squeeze through the Suez Canal and scurry along George Street revealing intriguing hangings, shootings, murders and mysteries. As your teams search for secret hidden treasure chest. Deep within the fabric of a historic, convict haunted cove. Over-shadowed by the glorious Sydney Harbour Bridge.

After successfully finding 9-13 clever hunt clues. Meeting local characters and reliving history at Sydney Rocks. Be carted off to celebrate success at a ye Rocks divine ale local pub, restaurant or cafe.

Here, the grand finale is a special exclusive and elusive opening a locked real treasure chest that has been captured by a clever sleuthing crew. But, can you open it? treasure-chest-enquiry

The Rocks Sydney  Treasure Hunt Discover More Team Building, Corporate Groups and Staff Team Bonding Searching for Bounty Covid Safe Connections and Reward

Enjoy good old fashioned Treasure Hunting fun in Sydney’s historic Rocks and the Pubs.

Packaged full of 9-13 fun team building or group activities to accomplish on a clue trail. There is so much to do and discover in Sydney’s historic Rocks!

Here’s a sample clue trail

  1. Nurses Walk – 1st hospital site in Sydney.
  2. Seuz Canal – narrow laneway with the Push and wowsers.
  3. Susannah Place – a quaint historical shoppe at #64
  4. The Argyle Stores – charming sandstone features and woollen bale press.
  5. Observatory Hill – Great for firing ye cannons across Sydney Harbour Bridge
  6. Sydney Observatory – Lookout above Milsons Point to search for Rocks Pubs.
  7. Here the Time Ball drops at 1pm to set our clocks.
  8. Circular Quay where a secret circular message is ringed in brassy bold letters to discover.
  9. Discovery Museum and explore MCA (Museum of Contemporary Arts)
  10. Enjoy a snack in the Rocks Market – twice a week for tourists and browsing for a special reminder of convict history
  11. Archeological Digs – uncovered next to the Rocks YHA and Australian Heritage Pub
  12. Charming Pubs – Like The Fortune of War, Mercantile, The Australian, Lord Nelson and Hero Of Waterloo.
  13. Cadmans Cottage – once home to the Superintendent of shipping in Circular Quay
  14. Sticky sweet treats that are deliciously scrumptiolicious!.
  15. Commissioners Steps – gangway for a rum rebellion or mutiny.Visit The Australian heritage pub in The Rocks, Sydney. where a secret treasure hunt chests can be found

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FREE offers;
a/ Photographic Package
b/ Engraved special message on ya HOLY GRAIL Trophy of Eternal Success
c/ Real Treasure Chest filled with special Bounty and surprizes

View wonderful architecture, investigate hidden secrets. Enjoy scurrilious fun supporting Jack Mundy’s push to save the Rocks from destruction.

Mysterious murders, violent opposing gangs and thrilling tales of women whose destinies are now locked in our cumulative currency encompass you and your shipmates as you delve into true history.

9-13 Rocks Sydney Activities for the best Corporate Groups Fun Team Bonding Ideas that Build Collaboration and Teamwork Christmas Celebrating For Staff and Employees

Exploring Sydney Harbour is just a hop skip and a stroll from The Four Seasons, Park Hyatt and Shangri-La Hotels Conference venues. Or start direct at your companies City offices. Perfect for Outdoor in the fresh air Covid Safe Corporate Events of all sizes from 15-300 of staff in groups of less than 30.

Experience everything The Rocks has to offer and sip local craft beer or a divine wine, down historic lane ways. Enjoy a drink stop at The Rocks Pubs with great atmosphere and unique history including:

Treasure Hunt themed team building Captain Jack Sparrow aboard a thrilling water taxi Treasure Hunt ride to Shark Island on Sydney Harbour

Here we have Captain Treasure of the Jack Sparrow / Johny Depp bandit variety aboard Water Taxi. Treasure hunting to a secret Sydney Harbour Island with our Kate Blanchette look alike lass.

  • The Rawson Bar (110 George Street)
  • The Australian Hotel on Cumberland Street
  • Glenmore Rooftop with fine Harbour Views
  • The iconic Lord Nelson for a Three Sheets, Nelsons Blood or other bold beers
  • Hero of Waterloo a nostalgic Irish charm awaits
  • Fortune of War where you can lose yours
  • The Orient recently refurbished to accommodate groups
  • Harbour View where a pool table and piano make for fine lesson in team bonding
  • Harts Pub is more than a Shangri-la
  • Mercantile real irish whiskey and rum to rebel with

Drop in for a taste, thirst quencher or sample some fine ales and wines along the treasure trail to Irish and convict related historic pubs.

The Rocks Sydney Treasure Map to Find X Marks The Spot and ye Hidden Bounty Me Hearties

Teamwork  and Success is best savoured together at the finest Rocks Restaurants or in charming atmospheric Pubs. Enjoy a refreshing Beer, Cider or Wine. Yes naturally we conduct alcohol free scavenger hunts as well.

Drink up me Hearties – Yo Ho!! We are here to share your tales of a successful Sydney adventures celebrating at:

  • Lowenbrau Keller Now the Munich Brau Haustreasure-chest-enquiry
  • Phillip’s Foote for a delicious outdoor BBQ steak and seafood
  • Pony Lounge – fine dining with great verandah
  • Grain and Scarlett Restaurants
  • Cruise Bar – trendy and fun by Circular Quay
  • Sailors Thai
  • Harrington Bar
  • Barcycle & Cafe Sydney
  • Belgian Beer Cafe Heritage
  • Blue Bar on Level 36
    – favourite for the immensely spectacular Sydney Harbour Views.
  • The Argyle – Great lounge and atmospheric with some satisfying eats.
  • Caminetto Restaurant and Italian Village for fine Italiano fare. Sydney Harbour Water Taxi Treasure Hunts on board boats and charters from The Roicks to Sydney Harbour Islands and Darling Harbour

Ask for more Custom Built Team Building Active Journey’s to Rocks pubs, filled with beers, rum, spirits, cider and classic wine.

Extra Sydney Rocks Treasure or Scavenger Hunt Options Aboard Water Taxis, Yachts or Chartered Sydney Harbour Boats

  • Board Water Taxis to cross and explore the treasure troves around Sydney Harbour
  • Sailing Sydney Harbour aboard yachts searching for Bounty or even better,
  • lets get your staff aboard an Historic Tall Ship and set sail down Sydney Harbour with a bubbly Drink in hand.
  • Whilst on the water we’ll test your skills and set the corporate challenge of NAVIGATE to any of the 9 Sydney Islands;
    Clarke Island, Shark Island, Goat Island, Spectacle Island and our
  • In Famous corporate team building masterpiece mystery Escape from Cockatoo Island!

Talented team building staff strategically set up all manner of real life. Corporate Escapes in the beating heart of Sydney. Locking your teams in to escape conference and meeting rooms within a specified time. Office Escapes can be accomplished, directly from your offices.

5 treasure theme activity levels to select from. From #1 simply grand Sydney Hunt fun to jolly roger wow factor treasure trails Custom Built for your business values. Each with unique combinations of team bonding strengths to succeed. Join us on a journey that is legendary fun for groups of all sizes and abilities in The Rocks…