Discover the power of clever team building ideas, fun activity or mystery events, facilitated by our friendly social activities and corporate group games instructors, pirate captains of the push. Start planning to relax and enjoy your Christmas Celebrations, End Of Year corporate celebration functions and parties in experienced hands. 

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Inside your hidden secret treasure chest is a real engraved Holy Grail winners trophy cup to drink from.

Treasure Hunts for corporate groups is Motivational Great Fun for Staff to Play
Open up Team building ideas to reveal real Treasure Hunts filled with bounty in the Rocks, Sydney.

We make all our activities great fun to participate in. Sharing clever ways to experience an area that you you would love to explore. It’s easy to get started. Call 0459 1111 29 email:

We build team morale, improve staff communication and increase motivation. How? By teams knowing that there is a real treasure chest hidden close by, filled with bounty is a motivational force. Inside the chest is a real engraved Holy Grail winners trophy cup. Which will be captured or awarded to the most clever team of them all. Or to the mutineer a savvy pirate team, that has kept their scurvy wits about them.

With Sydney activities, we visit pubs and historic bars like The Glenmore Rooftop, The Harbour View, The Australian and The Orient. You can also select other historic Rocks pubs like the Lord Nelson and Hero Of Waterloo Pub. Request your favourite local cafe, pub or restaurant from the Shangri-la to Fortune of War or the Opera Bar. We can stop at any and all pubs in The Rocks, around Circular Quay and throughout Sydney.

We will help you find and resolve clues, puzzles, codes and wonderful riddles. In a series of fun games and mystery mayhem of fun team building activities.  Teams use their wits to unravel a secret mysterious word. That reveals a real treasure chests location. But can you unlock the  clues to the Bounty? It’s time to find out!

Do you need a Pirate Treasure Hunt or Jack Sparrow Black Pearl journey across Sydney Harbour.

Travel Sydneyt Harbour in a Water Taxi or Charter boat that is custom designed just for your team?
We love custom tailoring and developing Treasure Hunts as amazing races or a special themed team journey.

Linking staff, employees and delegates directly from city offices to celebration HQ.

Our mission is fun activities that take teams to pubs, restaurants or conference venues. We also love parties and celebrations! Get cracking to organise booking ye End of Financial Year EOFY and Christmas functions.

No matter what location you decide or have in mind.

We will ensure the clues and activities that bring out the best qualities of your people.

Fun Team Bonding and adult work games in Sydney to the Treasures of the Gold Coast are Easy To Organise Just Ask Us

Test your teams talents whilst balancing mischief, mystery, mayhem, laughter and fun. We have a taste and eye for the extraordinary. Often what others pass by is brought cleverly to your attention and in focus.

Often including sampling local produce like divine wines, heavenly chocolates, craft beers or an array of ciders. Our team will visit direct to your offices and launch the program from your space of choice.

It’s just a matter of making a decision, investing funds into the coffers and embarking on an adventure that will have your team thrilled.

Jump aboard the good ship YENDYS to celebrate our most popular EOFY, end of financial year team activities. Go and discover Sydney’s Rocks, Escape Cockatoo Island Treasure Hunts. Darling Harbour Daring Hustle, Manly Beaches Mayhem, Sydney Olympic Park, Coogee Capers or Parramatta Discoveries with your staff today.