The Rocks Discovery Sydney Staff Team Building Launch BSI Success

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Thrill team building events launched another exceptional staff connection Sydney Team Treasure Hunt in The Rocks. Kicking off proceedings with a welcome to country in the Amora Hotel. 100+ delegates from a pharma company celebrated re-connecting. Setting forward the future of BSI in Australia. Staff travelled from all over Australia to unite and were challenged to locate and open a real treasure chest.

Sydney team Building The Rocks Sydney Harbour Bridge Treasure Winners staff celebration with fun activities to connect and unite employees

12 staff teams were deployed to enjoy uncovering The Secrets of The Rocks. Exploring the alleys, docksides, Sydney Harbour and museums. Thrill staff intercepted employees crews to accomplish fun team challenges that built communication and opened up channels of collaboration to problem solve cohesively.

The Rocks Sydney Treasure Hunt was an exceptional team building activity that had everyone laughing, smiling and putting their best foot forward. Within the set time frame BSI staff teams did recover the treasure chest hidden in the heart of Sydney’s Rocks and in the grand finale minute were able to open the bounty Holy Grail BSI Trophy. Uniting all the staff to a common cause and achieving that success vibrantly!

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