Gif playing Batchelor SlapGirls its time to put on knee high boots and get on the hunt for real treasures in Sydney, Newcastle, Central Coast and Wollongong. Finding a  Batchelor that’s hot and amazing. Great ready to glam up for Hens group activities that are racey.Finding the Batchelor in Sydney on a Treasure Hunt

Find The Batchelor Treasure Hunt

Yes the treasure hunts crew hide a Batchelor like Matty in Sydney and the clutch of hens race off to find all the clues to locate the Batchelor. Cocktail parties, Hometowns, Adventures and Dates are all combined to make a Hilarious treasure hunt for Hens groups that dare to be different!

Treasures travels Australia’s East coast to meet the friends and families so that Bachelorettes can have a ball. Survive the grilling from protectors of the real treasure chests!