Blue Mountains Treasure Hunts and scavenger hunts will take your staff, team building or group on a beautiful journey of discovery.

Experience a series of great fun Blue Mountains Treasure Hunt clue challenges for both social and corporate groups with terrific staff team building activities to connect and bond.

10-200 staff


9-14 Clues

6-11 Locations


Search and discover real Blue Mountains treasure bounty filled fun team building activities that can incorporate stunning cliff adventures and bushwalking. Escape the conference rooms and get staff connected outdoors in the fresh Blue Mountains air.

Blue Mountains Treasure Hunts beautiful group photo of Three Sisters, Echo Point Katoomba for team building and staff training. Exploring the best secrets of The Fairmont, Lilianfels and Carrington or Hydro Magestic.

Explore and discover more at Echo Point, The Three Sisters, around Katoomba. Treasure Hunting and connecting at all Blue Mountains Conference and accommodation venues

  • Katoomba Treasure Hunts
  • Leura Treasure Hunts
  • Blackheath Treasure Hunts
  • Hydro Majestic Treasure Hunt for Teams with Team Building Activities
  • Gallery M Fairmont Resort  Treasure Hunt staff Building
  • Mountain Heritage Lodge History in the Making Treasure Hunt Trails
  • Investigate and Slueth The charming Carrington Hotel Katoomba Treasure Hunt
  • Lilianfels Hotel and Resort Katoomba surrounds scavenger hunts
  • Dantosa team building and staff training activities
  • The Palaise Treasure Hunt
  • Scenic Railway and Scenic Cableway Katoombas best Treasure Hunt
    – Step aboard the Scenic Railway or Scenic Cableway to descend into a tranquil rainforest. Discovering a millenia of treasures and secrets…
  • Blackheath Treasure Trails where bounty and beer awaits
  • Glenbrook Treasure Hunts

Become Treasure Hunt Legends of the Blue Labyrinth Bounty Hunting for clues around Blue Mountains at all Leura and Katoomba conference venues and Hotels; Fairmont, Lilianfels or Hydro Magestic

Clever teams are rewarded with a real treasure chest. Great results for everyone with a clever twist grand opening of Treasure Chest! Unites all staff back together for a grand finale and drinks celebration.

Blue Mountains START location / venue; We come to you or walk the plank from hotels, your Air BnB  accommodation, parks, lookouts and selected partner conference venues.Blue-Mountains-Team-Building-Activities-Treasure-Team

  • Fun Blue Mountains Treasure Hunt briefing equipment supplied.
  • Teams are seperated, allocatedto receive Clues
  • Scavenger Hunt Collection Sheet
  • Teams head off to accomplish challenges and fun activities
  • investigate Pubs, Bars, Bushwalks, Visitors Information Centres
  • Three Sisters Lookouts, Echo Point, Sublime Point
  • Ruined Castles
  • Aboriginal Sights
  • Teams Locate facts, people, places
  • each with their mystery and intrigue
  • 9-11 check points
  • Completing team activities within set time frame
  • Treasure Hunters use their wits to resolve and find the treasure chest
  • sharing a wonderful Blue Mountains exploration discovery experience

Winners and Awards presentation at selected destination.

Treasure Opening Presentations at all venues.

Discover your locked and hidden FREE* engraved Holy Grail

 HISTORY and WELCOMING to teh Blue Mountains

Gundungarra aboriginal natives who lived and breathed this spectacular vast blue landscape. To the coal miners who undercut the cliffs. To the bushwalkers and adventurers like Myles Dunphy who explored, navigated and revered the Blue Mountains. Creating a significant map from The Wild Dog Mountians to the Kings Tableland. Let us guide your teams to Discover part of the Dunphy legacy in one of our most popular group and Blue Mountains team building activities.

Your custom designed fun Blue Mountains Treasure Hunt can commence at your Katoomba or Leura accommodation. Or meet n greet at the Three Sisters – Echo Point Lookout.

Teams delve into the history and mystery in sight of the majestic Mount Solitary, Ruined Castle or begin at Scenic World on the worlds steepest 52 degree mountains treasure hunt team building activities by the three sisters and scenic railway katoomba sunset

How does a Blue Mountains Treasure Hunt Activity Operate and Work?

Your Blue Mountains Treasure Guide will meet and greet your team or group.

Divide you into roughly equal teams.

Supply treasure hunting maps, clues and bandanas to wear.

A real story of intrigue and mystery is revealed where your team will search for 9-14 clues (time dependent).

Your Blue Mountains Treasure Hunt can start anywhere you are accommodated. At Lilianfels, Echo Point, The Three Sisters. Or from any Blue Mountains Conference Venues, hotels and lookouts.

When conferencing at the Fairmont Resort or Lilianfel’s, you can exit from reception and conference rooms direct onto the treasure trails. Or experience our new indoors treasure hunt escape conference room lock down.

For Blue Mountains outdoor team building activities and to enjoy spectacular vistas over the Blue Mountains National Park, via the Cliff Top Walk out to Ruined Castle, Mt Solitary and The Golden Stairs. Speak or enquire now.treasure-hunts-team-enquiry

Blue Mountains Treasure Hunting or Scavenger Hunts for Groups or Staff Team Building Activities

Blue Mountains Treasure Hunt activities are designed to be a relaxed to mild stroll around the key features of Katoomba, Leura and Blackheath. Stunning lookouts, clever fun clues and a great trail to discover more Blue Mountains Secrets.

Select Blue Mountains Social or Blue Mountains Team Building Activities that are both rewarding and terrific fun. We create memorable Blue Mountains social celebrations and amazing corporate group experiences.

Have your teams exploring, problem solving and gaining terrific insight together. From Katoomba, Leura, The Fairmont Resort, Lilianfels or The Hydro Majestic to the Three Sisters.

Search for a real hidden treasure chest. Found where X marks The Spot! Team Building captain unlocking treasure hunt bounty chestOr if an Amazing Races is more your competitive tempo, we supply both in lashings.

The achievement experienced is akin to the exaltation of climbing Mt Everest, but only at 1,000m.

It’s a team event that all corporate groups can enjoy directly from The Fairmont.

Savour 2-3 hours treasure hunting in quaint Blue Mountains townships of Katoomba, Leura, Blackheath, Mt Victoria and Wentworth Falls.


Fun Corporate events and conference group team building activities in The Blue Mountains at Fairmont Resort Leura, Lilianfels Katoomba, Echos, Hydro Magestic, The Carrington and Mountain Heritage Lodge Conference Venues

Go searching for real treasures within cooee of Katoomba, Echo Point, Scenic Wold and The Three Sisters. You’ll explore and discover the true character, aboriginal, convict, coal history and majesty of the Blue Mountains.

  • Chocolate tastings in Katoomba inside the cosy Blue Mountains Chocolate House.
  • Visit the incredible Three Sisters whilst gazing at amazing views of The Jamison Valley, Ruined Castle, Golden Stairs and Mt Solitary from Echo Point.
  • Take a ride on the World’s Steepest Scenic Railway!
    At 52 degrees it is a thrilling descent into the Rainforest Valley.
  • Our Treasure Hunts can take you on a Thrilling journey from Cliff Top to Forest Floor.
  • Learn about the home of the Gundangurra Aboriginal people. Their dreamtime legends of Mirrigan and Garungatch. Who in their battles carved the spectacular Blue Mountains valleys, amidst crumbling sandstone cliffs. In an epic Aboriginal dreamtime chase created the Jenolan Caves limestone silurian karst.
  • Blue-Mountains-Team-Building-Discovery-Fun-Treasures

MORE Blue Mountains Team Explore Adventures

Get outdoors on an adventure activity that includes Abseiling cliffs or Rockclimbing to a cave to find and lower your bounty chest. For the fit groups we suggest Mountain Biking, Cycling, Canyoning or Caving discoveries at Jenolan Caves. Visit Bushsports Australia for a selection of Blue Mountains adventure team experiences.treasure-hunts-team-enquiry

Hunts can be extended to include Scenic World, the World’s steepest 52′ Scenic Railway as well as The Skyway, Scenic Cableway or combine all 3.

15-100 Groups celebration and fun activities available in Katoomba, Glenbrook, Mt Victoria and Blackheath. Further experiences down the mountains at Glenbrook, Springwood near Norman Lindsay gallery and Faulconbridge to Hazelbrook.

Finsih for celebrations at Restaurants such as Morris Leura Garage, Solitary, Avalon, Darleys at Lilianfels, Echoes, Blackburns, Jamisons, M Gallery. Ask us for our delicious Katoomba, Leura and Blackheath restaurant for treasure hunt finish location recommendations.

Blue Mountains Accommodation and Conference Venues for Groups Team Building
Whilst contemplating staying or playing and conferencing in the Blue Mountains, we combine a selection of team building activities. The Fairmont Resort, Lilianfels Resort Hotel or Mountain Heritage Lodge team building. Highly commended is the charming Carrington Hotel, Orient, or the Palaise in Katoomba. For those yearning for yester year. The famous Megalong Valley views from the Hydro Majestic with extra luxurious appointments and those ohhh so amazing views.

Enquire now for your Holy Grail Blue Mountains Treasure Hunt Bounty for social and corporate groups.
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