Chasing Sunshine Treasure Hunt Team Building from Bondi Beach To The Rocks and Around Sydney Here’s how its done

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Every Treasure Hunt Team Building Activity we facilitate in Sydney, The Rocks, Darling Harbour, Manly Beach, Bondi Beach or Coogee, is all about chasing sunshine. The pot of Gold at the end of a rainbow!

As Australians, we love having fun under the sun in the great outdoors. We Slip, Slop, Slap from one clue to another along a wonderful mystery scavenger and treasure trail.

Revealing remarkable features, stories that link us to other people, space, place. Provide an insight into our cultural pysche, identity as being Australian.

Sunshine Sydney team building treasure hunts through Bondi and Sydney Islands

What we love is to bring diverse cultures, nationalities, people, food, history and mystery of life together.

Yes, the Sydney, Hunter Valley, Blue Mounatins, Gold Coast, Brisbane team building treasure hunt journey’s are clever. As well as being excellent team building or team bonding fun!

Each space such as Bondi Beach digging for treasure, reveals more of Bondi in 2-3hrs than you can get on any guided tour. Avoid boredom.

We spend over 100+hrs curating intriguing content, researching Unique, Bizarre and wonderful Bondi treasures. Overlaying team building games that celebrate Bondi’s or Australia’s beach culture.

When your team gets to be really challenged with exciting clues (not an online, impersonal app from an overseas marketing company).

You get the opportunity to meet local passionate treasure team building facilitators that have a rich history in working with corporate and business teams to achieve more.

A real treasure chest will be found! The challenge for staff is also to discover the space, connect with others, build real relationships. Then open that treasure chest, to reveal the true treasures – you! Yes a cliche that’s true!

Treasure Hunts crew is looking forward to working with your teams in 2024 to bring more ‘Sunshine’ into the lives of your staff as they connect, problem solve and communicate more effectively.

Tailored and Custom made team building activities beyond meagre scavenger hunts are available throughout Sydney from us to unite your asset staff!

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