Survivor team Building Activities preparing for Tribal Council after finding secret treasuresSurvivor Team Building Activities and Survivor Games is the ultimate facilitated outdoor team building challenge. Get your staff and employees working, problem solving and communicating effectively together.

Experience a series of Survivor Games and Activities carefully developed to OUTWIT, OUTLAST and OUTPLAY with your employees. Whilst having incredible fun, achieving teamwork results.

Imagine getting picked up from your business office and transported to a secluded destination. Where only the basic necessities are provided in order to survive. .

Survivor Team Building 1/2 day Session at All Locations from Sydney to The Gold Coast Includes

  • Tree Mail – selected team members collect tree mail. But there is a moral dilemma once they find the clues.Survivor challenge team building activities accomplished successfully by corporate teamwork
  • Tribal Team Chants – The whole tribe develops a poerful tribal chant, war cry or song to warn and ward off competitors
  • Crossing a dangerous swamp using Planks and Islands – all team members must make their way safely through the maze.
  • Navigation / Orienteering for Equipment collection that will sustain your tribe or be bartered for essentials.
  • Firing Sling Shots (extra – Throwing Spears or Archery Shooting arrows into Targets).
  • Obstacle Course – Your tribe must negotiate obstacles to survive.
  • Puzzle Boards – replicate or rebuild the puzzle board within limited time.
  • Raft Building – with the provided materials your tribe must build a sea worthy and stable raft.
  • Treasure Chest Recovery – dig, hunt or search to find real treasures.

More Survivor Activities and tailor made Survivor Team Building for Staff Events are available for 1/2 to full or multi-day conference break activities.

Team Development or Just for Fun.

Champions – Survivor – Versus – Contenders – who will win!!!

Become a Champion Tribe where your mindset is the essential tool in winning Survivor. Enquire for NOW for Free Champions Immunity Idol engraved with staff personalised company or business motto.