Types of reward for each Situation

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Learn and find reward through an exciting, fun and intriguing Treasure Hunt Team Building Event with THRILL.

As a team or individually it is sometimes difficult to find meaning, reward or positive feedback for our actions.

To move forward and improve we need to go steps by steps. And to stay motivated it is essential to feel proud of what we accomplish. There are good results and rewards in everything we do well. Find and look in the direction of the type of reward you need to feel proud.

Where can reward come from?

Sometimes reward is purely material. You build, create a concept: an object, a house, a furniture, etc. And then you can enjoy the use of that concept. It’s a form of reward.

Beautiful Garden

Other times you need to take a step back to be able to appreciate the realization of a project. Step back in time or geographically. For example, if you’re gardening, you need to wait days, weeks or months before you see your plants or vegetables come out of the ground. Then you will be able to make good dishes or decorate your house and be proud of your efforts.

When the concept is more abstract, try to see the reward differently. A smile, a compliment, a shared moment, an apprenticeship, are examples. If you are organizing a gig for example, people’s joy and excitement is a reward.

Being aware of this is the first step to being satisfied with this form of reward. Treasure Hunt is the perfect experience to discover and experience both types of rewards.

  1. You find the hidden chest
  2. You see the smiles on everyone’s faces, after having succeeded in their mission and shared a moment together.

BONUS: it’s also a great way to reward a team’s previous work, because it’s a fun program, with lots of discoveries.

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