Outdoor Team Treasure Hunts in Sydney Are Clever Fun for All This Summer

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Get your staff, employees and colleagues on board with a fun Treasure Hunt Around Sydney, Darling Harbour, Circular Quay, Botanic Gardens and Barangaroo this summer.Treasure Hunt on Cockatoo Island Sydney Harbour fun for corporate groups

Corporate Treasure Hunts


Designed to meet your time requirements.


Make it a Journey!

Develop team camaraderie, searching for your engraved Holy Grail 

– locked in a REAL TREASURE CHEST. 

treasures-hunts-christmas-team-activitiesExcellent fun, suitable for everyone! With the Option of being on the harbor in Water Taxis.


Select Pirates, Captains, Convicts, Christmas or other themes

(can be customised to business values, culture, products and services). Launched and wrapped up by professional THRILL Captains.


Crews navigate to find 9-11 major clues; letters, numbers, codes, resources and activity stations with fun interactive crew Challenges. 


Problem solving, decrypting, deciphering, decoding and building the team spirit!   The clues reveal a secret word which identifies a real treasure chests location true. A clever twist finish unlocks the Treasure Chest bounty to be shared for shore!  Experience a unique real Treasure Hunt in an often hilarious way. Wrapping up with a special grand Treasure Chest opening and awards at your selected pub, cafe, restaurant or back to conference venue.


Sample Sydney Harbour Treasure Hunts Me hearties!

* All aboard – briefing by THRILL Captain
* Crew names & props supplied & fitted
* Locating between 9-11 checkpoint letters and 3 secret number codes
* Convict Gang Chain Line Up Escape & other fun Team Activities.
* Investigate Pubs, Bars, Museums, Docksides and Laneways
* UcnasrmlbE secret word to reveal Treasure Chest location.
* Grand Treasure Chest Opening- 
All crews meet at agreed destination
ie Pub/Restaurant to have a turn at opening the Treasure Chest Bounty
* Winners and Awards presentation
Inclusions: * Excellent themed Treasure Hunt Pirates, Captains or Convicts Gear
* Props supplied – Captains Tri-Corn Hats
* Holy Grail Trophy – Engraved with your details
* Real Treasure Chest with Bounty
* Extra novelty prizes for individual and team effort.
* Team coloured Bandanas,
* Treasure Hunting Clues n Maps,
* Wet Weather Ponchos & Contingency Plans
* Terrific Talented Thrill Staff
Outcomes: Excellent fun shared experience, Discovery, Learning, History and Mystery. Collaboration,

Problem Solving, Laughter, Strategy, Communication, Planning & Execution there-of.


Water Craft Water Taxis, Sailing Boats, Yachts and Jet Boats

Custom Designed

THRILL can coordinate your entire package with great foods & restaurants.
Water Taxis to Islands & Beaches for clues.
Jet Boat for Thrills n Spins
Sailing across to Sydney Harbour Islands
Exclusive & Customised Harbour Treasure Hunts are our speciality.From any Starting point to any Destination designed.

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