How do you Organize a Scavenger Hunt or Treasure Hunt for Work?

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Hi I’m Konrad and I love creating team work Scavenger Hunts and Treasure Hunts for Work Groups in Sydney, Darling Harbour, The Rocks, Bondi, Coogee, Manly, Gold Coast and everywhere in Australia to discover.

Here are my top tips for creating the best Scavenger Hunts and Treasure Hunting Events for Team Building and Work ColleaguesOrganise a scavenger hunt or treasure hunt for work

  • Create a Theme
  • Developing 9 – 11 clues is ideal.
  • Send teams of 2-7 people to each location in a circuit.
  • Make sure the clues are fun and get people to the exact location using reference markers.
  • Clues should be short n sweet with unique differences.
  • Implement a few codes
  • Create a Puzzle so that its not too simple
  • Provide opportunities for closer interaction ie Hop into a Phone Box
  • Set wonderful challenges so that all team members play a part in the discovery of the scavenger hunt clues
  • Reward your people by making each question and clue unique and then provide a prize bounty or reward.

The best answer is to organise a scavenger hunt or treasure hunt for work is to employ a professional company like to facilitate and run your treasure hunt activities.

They have skilled hosts and staff that provide dress ups, props, and amazing clues that bond teams. Even better it is staff training and may have a tax write off better than bottom of the harbour scheme attached.

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