Jump on an Adapted Covid Safe Treasure Hunt

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Adapt your relationships, communication and collaboration during Covid19 pandemic experiencing Covid Safe adapted Scavenger Hunting with your team.

Get your team, employees and staff ready for an adventure in amazing locations to develop Covid Safe cohesion, connection and problem solving.

At Treasure Hunt we like to have healthy and secured explorers to keep working on their quest and reach their goals. We give you the keys to adapt what you need to keep going on your journey.

  • Transform your treasure into a Covid Safe one
  • Make the path on your map more digital
  • Develop remote understanding, collaboration and communication
  • Use fast and Covid Safe birds to share information on your work with your peers
  • Find adaptable ways to use or deliver your wonderful treasure

Through mysterious, intriguing activities, puzzles, and challenges Treasure Hunt leads you to an adapted Covid19 life and work.

Enquire NOW to experience the journey!

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