5 Ideas to be supportive of staff during a challenging time
5 Ideas to be supportive of staff during a challenging time

Find out smart and simple ways to be supportive to others, staff, colleagues and peers during Covid19 pandemic.

All explorers experienced challenging times. They needed to adapt their team and journey when necessary. Let’s do the same whilst being safe during the Covid-19 pandemic.


1. Listen

Be a good listener. Most of the time people just need to talk and express loudly what they feel and think. Listen to them, acknowledging their words and thoughts. It is the first step to be supportive and to feel supported.

2. Give advice when asked

When others wants to see a change happening or are ready for something new, they may need advice and ideas or know what actions your would take in their position. You can give it to them. Objectivity is a most but if they want your opinion, you should give it.

3. Be patient

It took little over 2 months for Christopher Colombus to reach America. Atlantic Ocean is not always an easy and calm journey, so he had to be patient sometimes. Be patient and show others how to do it is a big plus and will avoid conflicts or stress.

4. Be positive

Stay optimistic and smiling. It is not an easy time but there is always a way to get through it. Being positive and trying to see only good aspects will help to move forward and live the situation the best as possible.

5. Encourage learning

Use Covid19 as a opportunity to learn and improve skills. Help others to develop what they can and experience new activities. In their job as in their private life. Make this challenging time beneficial and interested.

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