Escape Cockatoo Island Treasure Hunt Activities for Groups or Team Building on Sydney Harbour

Escape Cockatoo Island is an excellent fun, cleverly designed Treasure Hunt Activity as part of our Sydney team building and team bonding activities. Ideal for challenging or rewarding your staff, employees and people exploring Sydney Islands with underground secret tunnels and amazing history. Cockatoo Island from helicopter preparing for team building activities

Jump aboard a Sydney Ferry from Parramatta, Darling Harbour or Circular Quay to access unique Sydney Island activities and experiences. Brilliant fun and intrigue for all to participate in!

Have your corporate team and colleagues exploring Cockatoo Island in Sydney to revealing real clues to find a real locked Treasure Chest full of bounty.

Be the Ninja – Exploring a maze of underground tunnels, Convict Chambers, Sandstone Historic Buildings and Silos. Clues hidden with historic convict and shipping history to reveal secret codes.

Unlock all the clues within the deadline and the Treasures Keys will be revealed.

Recently Cockatoo Island became the home of the Australian Ninja Warrior Show! In testing conditions contestants tackled the Warrior Ninja Course where sheer tenacity, skill and strength combinations won the day.  Reaching out to find the treasure rewards. Why not test your teams skill now!

Escape Sydney Offices and take an afternoon to explore whilst bonding the team!Cockatoo Isalnd Treasure Hunt Through Tunnels to Treasure Chest

  • Rejuvenate the team
  • develop staff relationships
  • motivate or reward staff and employees
  • investigate Sydney and Australian history with hands on learning
  • integrate and engage your staff to accomplish
  • improve communication skills
  • collaborate to achieve more
  • Implement problem solving skills
  • enjoy themselves on Cockatoo Island accessible via Ferry along Sydney Harbour! treasure-hunts-team-enquiry

“Whatever it takes”. We are glad to be able to assist creating amazing team building experiences in all locations. Custom building team activities to achieve results.


Escape The Boardroom to Experience Team Building Treasure Hunt Activities aboard Cockatoo Island for Sydney Corporate Groups and Events

TH Packages quality team building and events. We muster your staff from the ferry departing King Street Wharf or Circular Quay to transfer your guests along plunging depths and shark filled waters of Sydney Harbour.

  • For incentives and corporate events we facilitate transfers on Tall Ships with Pirate Captains.
  • A leisurely water taxi may be the order of the day or take a Thrilling jet boat ride to access the Island.
  • Mix this with our sumptious BBQ menus and drinks packages and conference facilities to ensure your Sydney corporate escape event is fully taken care of.
  • Extend your team development, games and events with a glamping package.

Looking to be a bit more adventure and fun physical activities?
Take a Sydney Harbour Ferry from Circular Quay or Paddle double Sea Kayaks across Sydney Harbour from Darling Harbour, Balmain or Birkenhead Point near Drummoyne. yes we love paddling and adventures so much we purchased a fleet of canoes. Sydney Ferry to Cockatoo Island for treasure hunting team building activities

Once on Cockatoo Island, you’ll be free to explore a Sydney island full of history, excitement and adventure. Be captivated by our guides or pirate captains with true stories of Sydney’s first armed hold ups. Machine gun carrying bandits daring risky raids.

Our Treasure Hunts team building crew have done valuable research. Travel underground into World War II chambers and through the Cockatoo Island Tunnels. Clamber out into the daylight only to follow tram tracks back through to the Dogleg Tunnel. Right next to the Turbine Hall. All the while uncovering mysterious Convict History and re-discovered Solitary Confinement Cells for the truants. Learn of Convicts engaged in sandstone Silos. Chiseling out chip by weary chip for their lives toil.

A wretched Island colony where the guards on the islands rocky, barren tops barricaded themselves in for safety. Against the tide of Convicts with bloody murder intent in their eyes. Its a bit more calm these days, but make no mistake – escape is not.

Is Cockatoo Island a Prison – Not any longer – Explore the Incredible Sydney History – Marvel at the Undergound Tunnels – but Can You Escape in Time?

treasure-hunts-team-enquiryCombine your Escape From Cocktaoo Island Treasure Hunt with Glamping. An up-style form of Camping with all the luxuries (hmmm – necessities).  Finish off the corporate events with an unforgettable Treasure Chest Opening on Sydney’s largest and most impressive island.


The easiest way to arrive and depart is by the Cockatoo Island Ferry.


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