Choose your Script – Take part in Your Favorite Story

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Have a great time with your colleagues, friends or family during a Team Building event, looking for, discovering and analyzing all details.

Escape for a moment – Live the best adventure of your life

Books, movies, and series tell tons of real or fictional stories. They allow you to escape from your reality for a while. But why don’t you live one of these stories for real? Immerse yourself in the universe of your choice, and with your team revisit history.

  • Pirate of the Caribbean: Conquer the Dead Man’s Chest
  • CSI: find out who the murderer is
  • Explore: go back to the time of the Aborigines and discover how they lived
  • Christmas: find the chest full of gifts that must deliver Santa
  • Star Wars: seek and destroy the black Death Star
  • Game of Thrones: win the battles and ascend the Throne
  • Mario Bros: save Princess Peach from Bowser
  • 007: solve a spy murder mystery

And many others!

So what story are you going to live with your teammates?

Enquire NOW to live your favorite story.

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