CBA Gives Treasure Hunts 100% Approval for Team Building Activities in Sydney

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Compliments for accomplishing excellence in team building is best expressed by having a major finance corporation like CBA booking Treasure Hunts multiple times for their team development in a series of unique locations. Commonwealth Bank CBA team building activities success with Treasure Hunts in Sydney The Rocks and Parramatta fun events

Alexandria Ford Senior Analyst, Merchant Fraud Group Security and Advisory Since expressed “that the last activity Treasure Hunts facilitated for us at CBA was so successful, I was hoping to arrange something similar for my new team”.
This time CBA will be looking at a total of 16 people based in the city, Darling Harbour and or Barangaroo Area. Please let me know if this was something you would be able to do for us again?

Finishing at 5 at Bungalow 8 King Street Wharf Sydney, would be perfect!

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