How Do Treasure Hunts Work?

They’re NOT WORK – They’re fun!

Loaded with fun for social celebrations and tad more challenging for corporate team building activities crews. A real Treasure Chest is found with a clever twist finale! Inside the treasure chest is your engraved Holy Grail and bounty to keep. Kudos, Trophy & Rewards go to the team that finds and can open the locked treasure chest within the set time. No need to run around. For more competition and fast paced events see our amazing races friends here.


Meet n Greet by your Treasure Hunts el Captain getting everyone aboard.
Teams are split into Crews of 4-7 randomly or as per your instructions (nod, nod, wink, wink).
We aim to have a minimum 3 Crews for each treasure hunt and minimum costs based on 12.


Crew teams complete treasure hunts clues in any order. Ye crews paths will cross on the journey of discovery. There are between 9-11 checkpoints, to accomplish fun team activities. Suitable for all abilities, ages, events and skill levels.


Available every day or night. Any Time.
Nominate between 2-3 hours.
Includes fun briefing, clues, activities and finishes with the opening of the Treasure Chest in a terrific setting.


  • Locating Secret locations, Decipher Codes and Solve the Clues, Riddles, or Who dun it Murder Mystery..
  • Themed as Corpirate Teams, Purrfect Hens Nights, Pirates, Captains or Convicts each with fun activities to match.
  • Escape Hand Cuffs, Play Games, Roll the dice think twice or Scavenger Hunt activities…
  • On foot or to Sydney Harbour Islands aboard your own private Water Taxi or Pirate Tall Ship

We customise treasure hunts for every group and occassion since 1995.
Over 1,100 events conducted. Start at any location even your offices and finish at your selected destination.
We reserve spaces at pubs, cafes and restaurants. Give us a call now 02 9871 3333 to plan your best treasure hunt experience.
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Amazing Races, Indiana Jones, Mission Possible, Lost, Survivor, The Mole…