Thrill your Workplace – Create an amazing Treasure Hunt inside your Company

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The craziest team building activity for your company’s employees: looking for the boss.

Here is THE most original treasure hunt: The boss was kidnapped at his workplace. He left clues behind for his employees to find him.

Surprise your employees with a surprising treasure hunt. Unforeseen events, suspense, research, creativity and teamwork: everything is reunited to develop skills while having fun. Transform your workspace into a field of investigation and become the goal to reach.


An Exciting and full of surprises Scenario

It all starts in the conference room. The team has a meeting with the boss but discover an empty room with just a USB key on the table. Nothing else.

They plug it into the computer and open the file. A video. It’s the boss and he has been kidnapped. They have to find him.

To do it, the boss dropped some clues when he was abducted by his kidnappers. The investigative team will have to face challenges, solve puzzles and work together to deliver their boss.

An exciting and surprising search begins!


Entertain employees while staying at the office and train them to work together.

Contact Treasure Hunt and secretly we will arrange your kidnapping. Thrill your daily work life.

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