Strengthen staff teams by Observing, Learning and Giving Your Best

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Strengthen your team during challenging times experiencing new techniques of communicating via an exciting fun staff Treasure Hunt or Scavenger Hunt.

It is the best time to link stronger and learn more during a crisis. Let’s create the opportunity for teams to further develop skills and the capacities to re-connect. Do it for yourself and your team: Observe, Learn, and Give Your Best every day.


Look out the situation, people, what is possible or not to do and how you feel about all of these. Note changes, unusual aspects, news opportunities and write their pros and cons.


Think of what and how you can do about the new situation. Communicate and share with your colleagues, asking for their point of view and feelings. Adapt and build your own new methods.

Giving Your Best

Experiment it. You can always adjust your method. Trying is the best way to know if it works or not. If it doesn’t, it is not a failure: just a step on your journey to find what is the most suitable to you and your team. Don’t be scare and do it.

Put your pirate hat on and come try this Observe-Learn-Do model through an exciting treasure hunt across Blue Mountains, The Rocks, Cockatoo Island, Gold Coast or Hunter Valley. Call us to start your hunt m: 0459 1111 29 or enquire HERE.

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