Discover Monte Cristo Historic Quest – from a Sailor to a Count

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Enjoy an exciting Team Building Treasure Hunt, full of history and adventures.

Do you know the famous story of Monte Cristo? It is the story of a young sailor, Edmond Dantès, who was ready to get married. But after being falsely accused, he was imprisoned at the Chateau d’If. His friend, Abbé Faria, will play a crucial role in the rest of the story. He will help Edmond escape and find an amazing treasure. The young boy, now an adult, returns to his hometown as the Count of Monte Cristo to seek revenge. A fascinating story, written in 1844 by the Frenchman Alexandre Dumas, inspired by Pierre Picaud’s life.

Come and discover or rediscover this awesome story with TREASURE HUNT

  • With help of the Abbé Faria escape from the Chateau d’If
  • Search and find the treasure of Montecristo island
  • Get revenge from the one who falsely accused you.

Thrilling, exciting, intriguing, entertaining and full of enigmas, adventures and history, live the crazy quest of a young sailor turned Count.



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