Create your home treasure hunt

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During the COVID-19 pandemic even if I go running or do sports to exercise, I feel like I’m stuck between four walls. It’s not pleasant. I need to think about something other than the situation we’re in. I need a project to distract my mind. And I’ve been thinking about organizing a treasure hunt for my roommates. It’ll keep me busy and creative for a while. My friends will have something fun and dynamic to do. Everybody wins.

To create a treasure hunt at home, I need: Paper, pen, chocolate, space (apartment/house + surrounding streets/garden) and imagination

That’s all!

Stages of achievement:

  • Take a starting point to brief future explorers. Give them an enigma, which describes the place where the first clue is hidden (e.g. “Sunken Treasure”).
  • After finding it, the clue will then take them outside. You will have organized an activity for them (for example, hold 1min30sec with a hoop).
  • Once the activity is completed, you will give them the third clue: they will have to find the location of the next one by unscramble them (for example: the house on the left corner of the street -> het uehso no eth ftel enrroc fo hte etetrs).
  • Arrived at the place and the clue found, they will have to guess what the treasure is with a blurred photo: chocolate! But they won’t find it at the usual place. You hid it!
  • You will read them the last clue: ‘On all the clues collected, letters are hidden and form a word. Find them, put them together and you will know the place of the treasure’.
  • Once found, they can go to conquer the treasure.
  • And you can all enjoy it together!

Would you like me to create one for you? Call 02 9871 3333

And the next Treasure Hunt, after COVID-19, will be in the ROCKS: check it HERE !

To customize one, enquire NOW! We’ll create it together.

Home Treasure Hunt

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