CBA Parramatta Team Building Treasure Hunts

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CBA Crews from George Street Parramatta had a brilliant afternoon team building. Including experiencing a specially designed and custom built team development treasure hunt around their corporate values.

The Spartan Workout with Ryan and Jay at Spartan Fitness Academy Parramatta was a highlight for teams. Getting in and on the fitness equipment. The streets of Parramatta offer exceptional insight into the history. With story boards on the banks of the river reliving the Aboriginal views and early white European transport.

The Treasure Hunts Crew interlink and weave the fabric of the Parramatta environment with a corporate team building activity challenge that is both physically and intellectually stimulating. Our aim is to bond teams to deliver exceptional results. The project goal is all aimed at including fun team activities that stimulate interest and engagement.

The Treasure Chest opening is a key feature of the process. Something concrete and tangible to take away by achieving success.  This success is only achieved by having teams ultimately communicate and collaborate, sharing their knowledge.

Alexandria Ford of CBA states “thank you for an amazing session yesterday”.

The Parramatta CBA Team Building Treasure Hunt achieved its aims!

Alex Ford completed this evaluation / feedback to help us improve our services.
Rate from 0%  Low  to  100%  Excellent.
Rate the Program overall: 100%
Level of Satisfaction: 100%
Rate the quality of Coordinator: 100%
Equipment provided: 100%
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Why did you choose this program for your team?
Website appeared professional and other companies using Treasure Hunts by Thrill facilitators were reputable.
Did the program meet and / or exceed or satisfy your requirements? Yes.
Enabled all participants to engage. It was really well organised with the checkpoint and clue distances between sites was not too far.

When looking for team building services in Parramatta you cannot miss Treasure Hunts by Thrill to conduct powerful and rewarding experiences that embrace people to unite and enjoy themselves within teams. Please call 02 9630 2222 to get your team development started.

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