5 Tips to Lead and Unite your team safely on a journey through Covid-19

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Take your team on a journey through Covid-19 times improving, collaboration and communication safely on an exciting Treasure Hunt re-uniting team building activity.

The Covid-19 pandemic is challenging on different aspects, especially leaders. Here what a strong leader may need during a crisis.

Construct plans

Be organised, create plans to follow and share it with your team. Be transparent.

  • Define your goal
  • Fix a time limit
  • List what you need to do
  • Assigned the tasks
  • Stay informed on the progress

Show your staff and employees you are available to discuss if they need and offer your support.

Communicate often

Be open to communicate, accessible to talk, to listen and to give advices.

  • Use active listening
  • Be empathetic
  • Know the person you are talking with
  • Be authentic and real
  • Lead by example

Open communication can really avoid conflicts or misunderstanding. It will also create a better bond and work environment.

Divide the workload


To efficiently work as a team, the work should be divided.

  • Be equal
  • Distribute difficult task first
  • Assign according to skills
  • Give also the opportunity to improve skills
  • Define but be flexible

Dividing the workload will allow to work more efficiently, faster and still keeping the spirit of a team.

Give feedback

Feedback help employees to achieve their goal and build trust.

  • Share positive and negative feedback
  • Know the desire outcome
  • Don’t use prejudices
  • Seek to understand other’s perspective
  • Use feedback to motivate

Try to make your feedback as beneficial as possible for the work. It is here to help.

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